Saturday, July 11, 2009

(limited editions x low prices) + the internet = art for everyone

20x200 brings artists together with buyers. Unlike traditional galleries, though, where art can cost several thousand dollars (and hardly affordable for your regular Betty like me), 20x200 keeps things on a cost-conscious level without sacrificing innovation, expression and creativity.

Jen Beckman, a gallery owner in the Lower East Side of NYC, developed the concept. When she first launched 20x200, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch – an edition of 200 – and sold at the lowest price – $20. Hence the name 20x200. Most images are now available in three sizes (which vary somewhat according to each artist). The bigger you get, the higher the price goes.

As I browsed the wonderful gallery of images, I came across a few that resonated with me.

You can purchase these (and other great prints) from here, but hurry. Pieces from 20x200 are only produced in limited quantities for a limited time (once they are gone, they are gone). New editions go online every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 pm EST so check back often.

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