Friday, July 10, 2009

A New Series: {Fashion Fridays}

Given my interest in all things fashionable, I thought I'd launch a new series entitled "Fashion Fridays." From here on out, I will use Fridays to post something having to do with - you guessed it - fashion.

What better way to start off this series than with a posting about new arrivals at Galeana, my store! I promise I won't take advantage of self-promotion every Friday, but given that I got some new stuff in the store yesterday, I thought I'd share it with you, too.

So check out the email that went out to all my store customers announcing our latest arrivals.

Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot

Summer is in full swing here in South Texas and there's no doubt about it:

It's not just any kind of hot, either. No, it's the really bad hot.
The kind of hot where you stare in your closet wondering what you are going to wear,
knowing that by mid-morning, your clothes will be sticking to you.
The kind of hot where you start sweating on your short jaunt from your back door
to your garage. The kind of hot where you have a temporary lapse of better judgment
and allow your 6 year-old to go and see the new "Transformers" movie where the
language and sexual connotations are barely appropriate for a 13 year-old. (Oops.)

Thank goodness Va Va has us covered with their airy and breezy dresses.
Lightweight and cotton, you definitely don't need an occasion to wear these puppies.
Just throw them on with a pair of flip flops for an easy, put together look -
regardless of where your day is taking you. They are perfect for a trip
to the grocery store, your child's playdate with Little George,
or the BBQ/Pool Party on Friday night.

The best part? In Va Va, you'll be feelin' hot (as in hottie)
but still be lookin' cool (as in cucumber).

Only at Galeana.

Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!

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