Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take A Dip

When we were kids, my grandmother would swim laps at Barton Springs in Austin, Texas during the summer. (Barton's is a famous pool fed from under ground springs. It averages 68 degrees year round and attracts all sorts, the likes of which include conservative legislators as well as old hippies who prefer to sunbathe in the buff.)

In her better years, Tootie would get her big-bosomed, petite figure in the frigid water to do her exercise. Her large, white, teased, bubble hairdo (pinned in the back with black bobbie pins, but still round and ever visible on top) would bob up and down as she scooted length to length doing the breast stroke. She was careful never to get her hair fully wet as this would require an additional trip to the beauty parlor (where she was already a faithful patron once a week).

I was reminded of my grandmother when I saw these images. Despite having no facial features, these women (and girl) all appear to feel comfortably relaxed and happy, much like my grandmother did when she came out of the water.

Images found on etsy by Kiki and Polly.

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