Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

As we continue on with Birthday Week, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about The Cake! And oh... there are so many delightful options out there from which to chose.

Le Cake
1) Naturally Nora (via DailyCandy) is an all natural cake mix (okay, so it would only be halfway homemade). She has a fun yellow cake mix with bits of color. 2) The book "Birthday Cakes" features a number of cake recipes from all sorts of renowned chefs. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, and get out your mixer to create any of these fun, delicious treats. 3) Omnomicon (via Hostess With the Mostess) shows us how to make a rainbow cake - talk about things lookin' bright and 4) Bakerella really makes her cakes pop with her cupcake bites.

Or maybe you're feeling a little non-traditional? Why not serve something other than a birthday cake, but equally as festive?

1) A macaron tower from Bobbette and Belle makes a great centerpiece. Those little morsels not only make a great statement, but they are tre chic, too. 2) For the child, or the child at heart, cupcakes are always a winner. In my mind, the Beverly Hills-based Sprinkles was responsible for bringing that phenomena back into vogue, but they don't mail their cupcakes. (If you aren't in market where there is a Sprinkles retail location, you can order the mix online here.) 3) Eleni's is no newcomer, but they continue to create beautiful frosted cookies (my personal favorite). And they deliver all over the good ole US of A. 4) Finally, why not order up a truly personalized cake for you or your beloved? The Louis Vuitton purse created by JustCakes is perfect for the little fashionista.

To top it all off...

Wedding cakes aren't the only cakes that get to have toppers. In addition to a huge variety of cakes (or cake-like alternatives as the case might be), there's also a slew of things to put on top of your dessert.

1) Kill two birds with one stone with these fork candle holders from Fred Flare. 2) Sparklers made especially for cakes are festive and bright. Find them here. 3) How cute are these personalized candles? (I double checked. They don't have "Golly," but maybe you'll have better luck finding your name.) 4) Smarmy Pants has some of my favorite cake accessories - many of which are vintage-y and sweet. (Remember these ballerinas?) 5) A candelabra candle from Fred at Plum Party steps up the chic factor, as do the 6) cupcake sticks from Seven Cupcakes. And who can resist these little numbers? Perfect for little Johnny's bash.

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