Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Decor, Decor and More Decor

Today is Day 3 of Birthday Week. We started off with a funky birth announcement on Monday. Yesterday, I reviewed some snazzy cake ideas and today, I thought I'd bring you some suggestions for decorating for a big bash.

There are so many things out there - especially for a theme-y birthday. (You may have noticed that I skipped the themes altogether.) I chose to make things a little more homemade - a little more focused on hosting a party at your house, for example - while still adding a special touch.

1) How adorable is this 'Happy Birthday' banner. Drape it on the wall and voila - you've got yourself a wonderful DIY sign. (Or you could just purchase it here and still have the DIY look without actually DIY-ing it.) 2) Draped under a doorway, felt garland is festive and fabulous. It's also easy to make (in theory, that is... it looks like it could take a lot of time). Why not purchase this one here? (It's on sale, too.)

3) I like to honor special guests with an altar that I've created. (I did the one depicted above for my grandparents during Day of the Dead, but my Mom always did a living altar for me and my sibs for our birthdays.) Include all things that remind you of that person: rememberances of what they love, what they do, who they are. Make sure and load it up with plenty of flowers and candles, too.

4) Gotta love confetti (though it's a bitch to clean up)! Rock the floors, tables and counters with tiny "Happy Birthdays." 5) Following on the DIY road, top off the event with homemade bday hats for everyone. Martha Stewart created those above, but I feel like it would be easy to simplify some steps. HINT: Hats at everyone's place around the table can also serve as placecards. 6) and 7) add a light and colorful touch. Hang a bunch these chinese lanterns or indian stars from the ceiling with string and a nail.

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