Saturday, May 9, 2009

Renowned Artist Appearance @ Saks Fifth Avenue

One of my favorite American artists from my generation is Waddy Armstrong and these days, it appears as though I'm not alone. After all, it was his artwork that inspired the Saks Fifth Avenue 2009 Mother's Day Catalogue. (I mean, I feel like I know a celebrity.)

If you've seen any of Waddy's pieces, you will surely agree that they are both organic and modern in a most fashionable manner. He paints a botanical series using "hybridizing" - a term he coined to mean "the creation of visual elements from different plants and trees that are combined within a single composition." His works draw inspiration from the pure beauty of nature, but include a modern interpretation of what is real. It's natural - say - with a twist.

[Click image for larger view]

Waddy grew up in San Antonio, but attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design in 1999. He's moved around a bit (his past includes a stint in New York), but returned to Texas to settle down a few years ago.

He and his family now call San Antonio home (again), but Waddy is anything but "settled down." In addition to meeting the demands of various galleries, art shows and individual collectors across the country, he's also drummed up a steady corporate following. The new Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Antonio is one of many businesses lucky enough to have some of his paintings.

As a friend (and a fan), I can tell you that Waddy is not only a seriously talented artist, but also an incredibly nice guy. Don't you love seeing friends and acquaintances enjoy such great success in their lives? I sure do. (Well done, friend.)

Waddy will make a special appearance today (May 9) at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Antonio. Join the celebration from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. (If you are lucky, maybe he'll even give you an autograph.)

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  1. What a great art work.! I always appreciate to Saks Fifth Avenue for such great events.