Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom found this in the New York Times several years ago. (I don't remember the exact year or source, but it may have been part of an ad.) She had me transcribe it onto a piece of paper so that she could make copies and distribute it to friends and family members. Ever since, my brother, sister and I have received a copy - without fail - on Mother's Day.

Here's another version that I created. As you will note, the perspective has been altered a bit. I wonder... have you ever heard anything similar to the sentiments below?

I am, indeed, lucky to have a Mom that says all of these things... and more.

NOTE: I don't want my Mom to come across as some aloof airhead. She is anything but. I should have mentioned that my Mom is a very bright, intelligent and well-read woman. Some of her sayings above aren't always serious.

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