Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Mother's Day, Final

It is Thursday today, so you've only got a couple more days before Mother's Day is here. I've already purchased my Mom and Godmother their gifts, but they are coming from across the Big Pond (the UK) and they haven't arrived yet. I'm not exactly thrilled about their delayed arrival, but I can't do too much about it either. I thought I'd share this simply because perhaps my anxiety might motivate all of you who wait until the last minute to go ahead and get something together.

As you continue to ponder the perfect gift, my final category of gift suggestions are inspired by the "Queen Bees." While I believe that there are many mothers out there who deserve to be treated like Queens - especially on Mother's Day - let's not confuse these suggestions with that notion. In this instance, the term "queen" is used to describe those mothers who love luxurious goods. "Luxury" can be defined in a few different ways, but this list is for the Mother's that have - well - slightly more expensive taste. (It's always nice to dream...)


[Click image for larger view]

1. Pineda Covalin@sloan/hall; 2. VSA necklace@Galeana;
3. original artwork by Waddy Armstrong;
4. lipstick@vivre; 5. paper tiara@A+R; 6. DVR blouse@net-a-porter;
7.; 8. wallet@Louis Vuitton; 9. bracelet@eluxury;
10. throw@Leontine Linens; 11. heels@Neiman-Marcus

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