Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Brunch

I feel like I have exhausted Mother's Day, but I have only one more post that I thought you'd be interested in: my Mother's Day brunch. I thought you might find some ideas for something you might be planning in the future (since it's certainly something that could work for multiple occasions).

My menu was inspired by none other than Mom. I knew I wanted to do a brunch that would be 1) homemade, 2) really tasty and 3) not terribly difficult (that detail was for me). I used two different resources to come up with my final menu: fresh squeezed orange/grapefruit juice, eggs in ham cups (from Gale Gund's Brunch), steamed asparagus, fresh watermelon chunks and two variations of sweet rolls (orange marmalade and cinnamon, both from the extremely talented The Pioneer Woman).

On Day One, I set the table. I got out my formal china, crystal and silver - all of which rarely gets used (unfortunately). I used my grandmother's monogrammed linen napkins which were the perfect contrast to the large, green leaves I used for the placemats.

Then, I made a beautiful centerpiece from hydrangeas, ranunculus, carnations (yes, I used carnations) and stock. The flower arrangement I made last week (of hydrangea, ranunculus, peonies and stock) still looked pretty good - I changed the water and replaced a hydrangea - so I left that in the kitchen. I put tulips on my mantel. My precious GrayBear sent me red roses which I placed in the living room.

I also made the dough for the rolls which sat covered in the fridge overnight.

Day Two started promptly at 7:00 am. I rolled out the dough and made the rolls. The first batch was made with sugar and cinnamon and topped with plain sugar frosting (not maple as the recipe called for). The second batch was made with orange marmalade and brown sugar and made with orange sugar frosting.

[Pictures via The Pioneer Woman]

While the rolls were baking, I prepared the ham and poached egg cups. These delicacies were prepared with ham, eggs, pesto, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes and they are yummy. My Mom steamed the asparagus while my Dad nibbled on the watermelon.

The meal, itself, was very tasty. The sweet rolls were the big hit, but the eggs came in a close second. Overall, everyone was very pleased with the results. This in and of itself makes for a most happy hostess!

All in all, it was a great way to spend Mother's Day. Now it's time for a nap...

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