Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Mother's Day, Part 2

The Craftster

I love to create. My mind is constantly aflutter with new ideas of what I could make or manufacture. It's easy for me to imagine myself as a modern day superhero-type craftster. "Faster than a sewing machine! Handier than a glue gun! Able to create beautiful ball gowns with a single stitch!" (I'd definitely have a pink cape.)

To all the creative, crafty Moms out there, these are great gift suggestions of projects she can do, things you can make for her, or adventures you can both partake in together!

[Click image for larger view]

And because many of them won't be immediately recognizable, I thought I'd explain each entry with a few more details than the earlier posts:
  1. A homemade paper bouquet is cute and kitschy. Besides never wilting, one of the best things about this arrangement is that it comes in a kit. All of the materials are packaged together and there are specific directions for how to assemble it.
  2. A picture book is a great thing for everyone to enjoy. I'm a diehard Mac user, so I'd use iPhoto to create one, but there are plenty of other services out there that can do it as well. (Try Snapfish, Shutterfly or Kodak.)
  3. The craft revolution is upon us and this is, perhaps, most evident in the rise in popularity in activities such as knitting and crocheting. Why not knit your mom a scarf? Or have her knit one for you? Again, this neck warmer project from Wool and the Gang comes in a kit so it's all there for you to do or to give.
  4. Amy Butler is an artist who lives in Granville, Ohio (also home to my alma mater, Denison University, by the way). She's created a hugely successful business with her sewing and textiles. Why not toss Mom a pillow or two from Amy Butler? Perfectly posh for the front porch swing.
  5. Sublime Stiching was started by (almost local) Austinite, Jenny Hart. Inspired by her mother's creations, she began making easy to follow embroidery patterns - perfect for even the beginner stitcher. Embroid a cute scene on a handerchief or pillowcase and Mom is sure to cherish it forever.
  6. For the novice sewer, Singer has created a darling purple sewing machine. It's a beginner's dream as it's loaded only with the essentials. A Mother's Day arrival will ensure enough time for a go at this year's Halloween costumes.
  7. Why not give Mom a craft class? There are lots of local shops that offer a number of classes in different mediums. If you are in San Antonio, try the Southwest School of Art and Craft or Tres Rebecas (call 210.224. 5733 for more information).
  8. "Handmade Hellos" is a fun book. Written by the two sisters and designers who own Hello! Lucky letterpress, they've compiled 25 craft ideas from various paper artists. Why not try your hand at creating a card for your Mom?

The Sugar Mama

Sugar usually gets such a bad rap, but an indulgent treat every once in a while isn't bad. There are so many sugary delights to chose from out there, so why not marry them with an fun gadget or accessory? It makes me want to have an old-fashioned tea party. "Coffee or tea? One lump or two?"

Check out my fun selections for the Sugar Mama:

[Click image for larger view]

1. sugar roses; 2. double-thermal cups; 3. cookies@Lily's Cookies;
4. cupcakes@Kate's Frosting; 5. French macarons@Paulette;
5. Kusmi tea; 6. kisses;
7. Nespresso milk frother; 8. heart-shaped sugar cubes; 9. French honey

For all the latte lovers out there (or for those of you who have Moms who drink lattes), I MUST mention the Nespresso milk frother. Pour in the milk and push the button and all your work is done for you. It creates a friendly, frothy accompaniment to your morning espresso (be it iced OR hot)! Yes, it does hot and cold.

After my friend Elizabeth introduced it to me in her kitchen, I couldn't stop talking about it. My sweet godmother gave one to me and it's like nothing I've ever seen before. Plus, it has certainly saved me a few bucks at the coffee shop.

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