Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Les Mondial de Nathalie Lete

You might recall that I went to Boston recently. I posted a few pics of what I saw, but failed to mention a trip to Anthropologie that catapulted me into a frenzy of research. A brief account into my investigative reporting follows...

While in Anthropologie, my sis found these adorable pink hand towels with the Eiffel Tower on them. We both scurried to find larger ones, but to no avail. They weren't made. She still got them for her girls' bathroom.

"Chat Chien" is at the bottom of the design, but the label is in Japanese. A search on Google didn't bring up anything with the information we had, so I knew there must have been something we were missing.

I was back in San Antonio, my sis in Boston, but I couldn't stop thinking about these towels. A visit to my local Anthropologie proved fortuitous as they had one remaining Eiffel Tower hand towel. I immediately purchased it, as well as a bird design. An adorable Paris plate that I couldn't resist (perfect for cookies) also found it's way into my bag. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they were all by the same designer!

After much searching (and subsequent purchasing), I am pleased to tell you about Nathalie Lete. Though she is new to me, I was, admittedly, slightly disappointed to find that she is no newcomer to the design scene. (I thought I had come upon an undiscovered gem! Design*Sponge and Decor8 are among the many that have already written about her.) Nonetheless, I felt a sense of accomplishment for having tracked her down.

Lete lives and works in Paris (oh to live and work in Paris). With the City of Light as her backdrop, she's got an endless amount of inspiration, but also looks to her travels and vintage toys (which she also collects).

Check out some shots of her workshop. It's like a craftster paradise.

She works in several different mediums including illustration, ceramics, textiles and paintings and from what I can tell, her creativity doesn't stop. I'd love to live in les modial (the world) of Nathalie Lete!

Enough words. Her work speaks for itself. (All images via Nathalie Lete unless otherwise indicated.)

Octopus via Apartment Therapy

And I couldn't leave you without an image of the towels! Here they are in my store bathroom. It's hard to believe that those little things were responsible for such a flurry of activity. (I suppose that's my designer/retailer/researcher heart coming out!)

Click image to enlarge.

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