Monday, June 1, 2009

Up, Up and Away

GrayBear's school ended on Thursday afternoon, so his summer officially started on Friday. As a celebration of him moving from Pre-K to Kindergarten, my Mom and I took him to see "Up," Pixar's newest animated 3D flick. (Hence the missing post on Friday.)

I had a loose idea of what the movie was about based only on the trailers: old man meets little boy who go on life-changing adventure together. I suppose I expected a few surprises along the way, but didn't anticipate anything above and beyond (no pun intended).

Boy, was I wrong. I was blown away by Up. The creators of the film do an incredible job with maintaining the important balance between a child and adult storyline, developing the wonderful characters, and unrolling a thoughtful and tender plot (I cried 4 times).

Up is not only good, it's great. If it's not yet on your to do list, this is a summer must see. Despite the already fantastic lineup of Pixar's dynamic portfolio (Ratatouille, Cars, Wall-E and Toy Story just to name a few), it's one of the award-winning animation studio's best.

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