Monday, June 1, 2009

Miles Aldridge: Photographer

Karin Nelson at The New York Times wrote about British photographer Miles Aldridge today. I also came across a small blurb on and after seeing his name twice this morning, I couldn't resist sharing some of his photographs.

Aldridge is a world-renowned fashion photographer. He's shot for the likes of Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, American Vogue, The New York Times and Numero. His glossy images have also been featured in a number of different advertising campaigns from well-recognized design houses such as YSL, Armani and Lonchamp.

All images courtesy of Miles Aldridge

As I'm sure you will agree, his work is unique, thought-provoking and beautiful. His photographs are all staged, primarily because, he says, "...the world is just not being designed with esthetics as a priority. So I prefer to rebuild the world instead of photographing the real one."

He relies on his imagination to reset - if you will - the world as he would have it appear. His subjects then become characters on his set. It's a world according to Miles.

It appears as though he's got a keen sense for how to mix color (a la David LaChapelle) and movement (or lack thereof) into an exaggerated scene that makes you stop. And look. And think. Some of his images will awe, while others will scare, but through and through, they are gorgeous. (Check out more images here.)

Today's postings coincide with his new book, "Miles Aldridge: Pictures for Photographs." The book not only includes the finished photos, but also the manic-like drawings and sketches he does before a shoot. They act a bit like storyboards, each telling the story even before the actual picture is taken.

His work is also part of a new exhibit. Unfortunately for me, the exhibit is at the Steven Gasher Gallery in NYC until June 20 (and I'm not planning a trip to the Big Apple between now and then). For those of you fashionistas in the NY area, don't miss seeing these images in person. (The rest of us will have to drool over the pages of his book.)

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