Monday, June 29, 2009

On Point

There is a point in the Texas Hill Country, amidst tall trees and a lovely landscape, where a part of Johnson Creek merges with the Guadalupe River. Welcome to Ingram, Texas. It is here that a small group of friends, united by their love of this environment and their appreciation of the Arts, created a place for arts education, performance and exhibition some 50 years ago.

Today, the Hill Country Arts Foundation is a thriving organization. With regular theatrical performances, as well as art exhibitions and workshops, this is a place where families and friends converge to enjoy and/or participate in the creation of visual and performance art.

Part of what makes the HCAF particularly appealing is the outdoor amphitheatre. The Smith-Ritch Point Theatre sits right on the River and the setting is beautiful. During the warmer months, regular performances are held, many of which are kid-friendly. (When the weather cools off, performances are taken inside to the Elizabeth Huth Coates Theatre.)

Last week, my parents and I took the GrayBear to see a performance of "Treasure Island." Check out some of those shots:

I have to say, I was impressed with the sets, the costumes and the performances of all involved. Plus, the snack bar is innocently delightful. In addition to the two adorable kids that were selling candy on the side, there was plenty of cotton candy and popcorn to enjoy.

Despite the intense and sweaty heat (even after the sun went down), it was such a fun outing and I highly recommend it.

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