Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Your Grandmother's Crochet

I mentioned most of the details from our fun trip to the Point Theatre in Ingram, Texas on Monday, but I saved the best for last: the gift shop. It was a totally unexpected little treat.

The Hill Country Arts Foundation has tapped into an obviously able group of ladies who donates their time to crochet blankets, pin cushions, potholders, pot scrubbers (deemed 'the best in Texas') and various chotskies. These goods are then sold in the gift shop where profits go to help supporting the theatre and arts center. Check out some of the gems:

Granny Square Blankets:



Crocheted granny square blankets and potholders are certainly not new to the market, but it seems like more and more are trying their hand at modern applications of the craft. Flickr is flooded with images of granny squares, a fact that has certainly been fueled by the recent DIY surge. I selected a very small handful below:

And check out how fellow interior designers, artists and bloggers make use of crocheted items in their real lives:

I feel my inner-Martha being tapped. It kind of makes me want to find some crochet needles and get to work. If you, too, are feeling so inclined, check out this tutorial for instructions on how to crochet your own creations. Good luck!

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