Thursday, June 4, 2009

Like White on Rice

Holly @ Decor8 wrote about Rice a couple of weeks ago. I came across another posting about the company again today while I was online, but I seemed to have forgotten where. Unfortunately, I can't properly credit that other blogger (sorry!), but I figured it was a sign to share a post about them with my readers.

Rice is a Danish store full of well-designed and colorful delights. Mostly homewares, it was started in 1998 in a garage by a Danish woman, her French husband and her Thai/Danish childhood friend. The company established its roots as fair trade certified and ten years later, this mantra still guides them.

It's reminiscent of things one might find at Anthropologie, but it goes one step further. It has that clean, high-design, Scandinavian feel that is so prevalent in products from Denmark and Sweden.

Simply looking at pictures of their products makes me feel like I'm a little girl in a candy store. And if you poke around the site long enough, you are sure to come across the stylized shots.

I love it when companies understand the importance of this type of branding. These shots (and actually making them available) can do wonders from a marketing standpoint. The images are not only fun to look at, but if they are good enough, the action practically guarantees that someone is going to mention them or write about them or buy from them.

All images courtesy of Rice

Can't you see these products paired in a shoot with Odd Molly and Swedish Hasbeens from Galeana? (Hey, I'm stuck to that idea like white on rice!)

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