Monday, May 18, 2009

The Hasbeens are Here!

Check out the following email I sent out for the shop today:

What is a hasbeen?

A hasbeen has been inspired by other hasbeens throughout the ages.

Look at the hasbeens of the 1970s, for example. Gender equality took center stage. The Vietnam War prompted deadly demonstrations from anti-war protesters. Mandatory busing to achieve racial school integration threatened our educational process.

Change. Revolution. Evolution.

The designers of Swedish Hasbeens’ have taken note of historic times like these. They know that sometimes you have to move backward to be able to move forward. That’s why they’ve introduced us to their line of toffels (aka clogs).

Today’s designs are based on those original 70’s models that changed and inspired so many. They’ve been updated, though, with ecologically prepared natural grain leather, a material that’s nicer to people, as well as to Mother Earth. They also come in all sorts of funky colors (red and silver are among our favorites). A winning combination, this keeps them relevant for tree huggers and 21st century fashionistas alike. And that can only mean one thing: these Hasbeens are so Must-Haves.

We’re the only ones in town who’ve got ‘em so get ‘em before they are so – uh – has been.

An interesting design note: Swedish Hasbeens were chosen as the trend of the year in Sweden at the annual Trend Award Gala 2008 in Stockholm.

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