Monday, July 6, 2009

Give Me the Names of Four Boys...

If you are my age (or close to my age), you'll remember the finger-operated fortune telling devices that we made out of notebook paper and then read on the playground.

After the tool was laboriously created (making sure that it was perfectly creased and folded), the "customer" would choose a handful of boys names, dwelling types, numbers and cities. The "fortune teller" would then insert the data into her folded hand-held device and the game began. After a series of back and forths, folds and unfolds, a final declaration was made: you will marry Trey P., live in a shack, in Paris, and have 26 kids.

Well, thanks to Sycamore Street Letterpress (and Design*Sponge who first posted this little lovely), you don't have to be on the playground anymore to enjoy such trivial fun. Thankfully, though, they've taken it to a new level.

The design is not only letterpressed, but the spaces are all filled in with witty and clever predictions. Ever wondered if Bob Saget loves you? Now you can know for sure.

Or tap into your younger years and create one of your own. Find the easy diagram below or refer here for step by step details.

Perfect for an invitation or gift, this creative and nostalgic trinket is sure to keep those you love entertained.

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