Wednesday, May 20, 2009

N-ICE, N-ICE, Baby

I recently came across "Operation NICE" (you'll notice the tag on the left sidebar of my blog). As the title indicates, it is a blog that is dedicated to the advancement of - drum roll please - people being nice to one another. Who'd have thought that an entire blog could be about being nice?!

Well, it can... and it exists. Founder Melissa Morris Ivone got the idea after someone held an elevator door for her. "If everyone was a little nicer to the folks they encountered each day," she thought, "perhaps the world would be a more pleasant place."


The blog is a sweet interpretation of what being nice means. You'll find encouraging stories of other people being nice, as well as a few weekly suggestions of ways that you, too, can be nice. (One of my favorite tips was to leave change in the change returner on a vending machine so that someone else can enjoy a treat.)

It's a simple concept, really, and it's so easy to implement. Look someone in the eye. Buy a friend lunch. The next time you say "have a nice day," actually mean it.

Whatever you do, just be nice. It's what every modern girl would do.

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