Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is upon us so I've been on the search for the perfect Mother's Day gift. I thought I'd share some of my picks in case you need a little assistance.

I've rounded up a selection of really great things and have categorized them according to how I might categorize Moms. That's a hard task because if your Mom is anything like mine, it's way too difficult to put her under only one heading. That's why I was careful to select cool things that would work for all types... regardless of how I've put them together.

Throughout the next few days, I'll be posting different suggestions. You'll note that I've included things from all over, but have marked those that can be purchased in good ole San Anton.' (It's always nice to support your local shops, after all.)

Check out what I might choose for the "classic" Mom.

1. Hermes scarf; 2. Jo Malone perfume; 3. Flare candle@Galeana;
4. P.Jamas nightie@Lin Marche; 5. tulips from Martha Stewart;
6. Reed & Barton picture frame; 7. spa treatment@The Watermark Hotel;
8. monogrammed heart locket@Target; 9. bronzed baby shoes;
10. soap and 11. handwash/lotion@sloan/hall

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