Monday, April 27, 2009

Pretty, Sexy, Cool

Introducing Elizabeth Walker Carrington: a mother, snowboard enthusiast, graphic designer and, as you can see, a fine artist.

picture by Clay Carrington

Elizabeth's pieces are colorful bits of pop culture. In her words, she marries two things that she loves - art and design - to create pieces that address materialism, superficiality and love.

"My work is a tribute to Andy Warhol's statement that Pop Art is about 'liking things.' The pieces are a blend of design and type, lyrics and images from popular culture all mixed, layered and silhouetted. They are loosely designed on a computer and then screenprinted on painted canvas and paper and touched up by hand. They want to be pretty, sexy, cool—vain with a bit of irreverence—but above all, Pop."

Though she's lived in a number of different places (including San Francisco), Elizabeth has finally settled in San Antonio with her husband and two adorable children. She's officially represented by Parchman Stremmel Galleries, but I'm lucky enough to be able to hang some of her paintings in the store for a short time. She will also be a part of the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center's Red Dot event on May 28, 2009 (more info on that at a later date).

Check out some of her work below. As usual, the internet doesn't do her justice, but I think you will agree that Elizabeth has strong talent and a great eye.

All I can say is YUM-MY.


  1. amazing, indeed. i wish she did fabrics and/or wallpaper!

  2. Great blog post. I love your work, Lizzie!