Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh By Gosh By Golly

My first post! This is very exciting.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but insecurities on so many levels have prevented me from doing so.

Many of those insecurities exist – even as I write this first entry – but my gut tells me that I must simply start. I must pursue my extreme desire to share, connect, and create. So what can you expect from By Gosh, By Golly?

Here’s a glimpse…

I am a lover of fashionable things – especially those things associated with events, restaurants, apparel, design, interiors, food, architecture and art. Be it a tangible product or merely an idea, I believe that some of the most fashionable creations come out of these industries. That said I realize that “fashion” – though not always – can be driven by a trend. What is fashionable today may not be so fashionable tomorrow.

In order to live the good life that so many modern girls dream about, she must not necessarily be the trendiest girl on the block; rather, she must possess a voice of her own. The tricky part, though, is that this voice must make sense on the inside and the outside. This we call style.

Too, I think it's important for us to try new things every once in a while. We should be forced to step out of our comfort zone. Whether it's by going to see a new museum, attending a new event, trying a new restaurant, cooking a new recipe, engaging in a new morning ritual - these experiences present opportunities to grow. This we call self-awareness.

It is my hope that, in presenting you with my experiences with new restaurants, fun events, fashionable clothes, interesting ideas and exciting concepts, I can help you find, tweak or solidify your inner modern girl voice. For it is through this discovery that one may, indeed, live the good life.

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