Friday, May 1, 2009

My Favorite Fashion Illustrators

I'm certainly not the first person to write about fashion illustrators - but DANG! - there are a few that I think are tremendously talented. Kat Macleod, Stinna Persson and Ruben Toledo are all included in that list. Their work never becomes old.

Kat Macleod is an Australian-based illustrator. She has a girly-girl feel, but still takes on a look that is both alluring and wonderful. Her work has been featured in pubs like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, but lucky for us, she's done the illustrations for a few books, "Like I Give a Frock" and "The Cocktail Book."

Another woman I've become a huge fan of is Stina Persson. A Swedish-based illustrator, Stina uses different mediums (watercolors, acrylics - even photos) to create her unmistakable look. She's worked with corporations like Coke, Absolut Vodka and Godiva, as well as editorials like Elle, Marie Claire and NYLON. Her works have an air of sophistication and glam to them that's hard to beat.

Images via Stina Persson

The last illustrator I'm going to feature today is Cuban-born Ruben Toledo. Toledo isn't only the husband of Isabel Toledo, the designer who dressed Michelle Obama at the inauguration. He is an artist and sculptor by his own right. Perhaps best-known for the national fashion ad campaigns he has done for Nordstrom, his illustrations are witty and immediately recognizable. You'd think Nordstrom would get on the ball and publish a book of all of his works, but alas, no such luck. Thank goodness he's taken matters into his own hand with Style Dictionary.

And if you just want a good reference to various fashion illustrators over the last century, look no further than 100 Years of Fashion Illustration. Author Cally Blackman does a great job of collecting a number of different works by several different illustrators.

Happy viewing...

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