Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I am loving today. I am so proud of our country for making our planet a top priority. We've got a ways to go but with each passing year, I feel like we are making small steps. A sincere dialogue began a few years ago, but has finally gained enough momentum to affect change. As we enter into a new era for our country and the world, I'm proud to celebrate Earth Day 2009.

In honor of this occasion, I have decided to highlight a only a small few of my environmentally favorite finds.

The GrayBear and I try to read almost every night before bed. One of our favorite (and rather oversized) books is 365 Penguins. This hilarious story by Jean-Luc Fromental reminds us to be friendly to Mother Earth in a most creative fashion. The illustrations by Joƫlle Jolivet are top-notch as well (all of you design buffs will recognize the modern color palette and mid-century design elements).

Another Earth Day shoutout has to do with a new shoe line to hit the market. Swedish Hasbeens bring the clog back in a most stylish and irreverent fashion. All materials are handcrafted using earth-friendly products: high grain leather (no chrome), Swedish alder wood and lime tree, and natural rubber. This means that the shoes, themselves, are sustainable and with proper care, are said to last forever (you can pass them onto your kids).

(I'm a devoted fan and retailer of Odd Molly, another Swedish line, so Swedish Hasbeens was a natural fit for my store, Galeana. Stylish and environmentally-friendly, these will be available at Galeana in May.)

Another favorite are drinking glasses made from recycled soda and water bottles. Sid St. Onge, a local San Antonio musician and artist, creates handmade glasses from the pretty vessels. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but my favorites are of the Topo Chico variety.

(Topo Chico is an imported sparkling water from Mexico. It's got some powerful carbonation so it's especially yummy. For a delightful summer treat, make your own simple syrup, add a cold Topo Chico, squeeze a lime and enjoy.)

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